1TB Portable Hard Drive – How To Choose The Right One

Looking to buy a good 1TB Portable Hard Drive? Then you need to know what to look for. In the event you noticed the description with the goods in retailers, they may be very confusing. They put on the label all sorts of technical data and acronyms that an every day user will never understand. So let me clear up some of that confusion by telling you what to look for in a good portable Hard Drive.


This is pretty straight forward. Much like the normal Hard Drives, every portable drive has a set capacity. You just get one that suits your needs, but make sure you don’t get a really small one, like 320 GB as you will definitely need more. The best choice for normal usage is a 1TB Portable Hard Drive.


The speed of the portable Hard Drive is crucial. To make sure the device you want to take is fast enough, you first have to check the RPMs, or rotations per minute. This is simply how fast the little discs spin in the HD. The normal devices have 7.200 RPMs, which is pretty much standard. For even faster devices, you’ll want to appear for the 10.000 RPMs ones.

Another important factor that gives the HD its speed, is seek time. This measures how fast the mechanical head reaches the data it needs to work with.

And the last attribute that gives a Hard Drive its speed is the cache buffer. Normal portable Hard Drives have a 16MB cache. This signifies that the HD can retailer up to 16MB of facts that will be accessed faster by the processor. The larger the cache on the 1TB Portable Hard Drive, the faster it will be as it can store more data for quickly access.


The way the portable Hard Drive connects to your computer or laptop is very important. The older models have USB 2.0. This ensures a 480 Megabits per second transfer. The newer devices use USB 3.0, which has a transfer of 5GB per second. Firewire, which seems to be pretty popular as well, is seemingly slower than USB 3.0 and eSATA as well. Ensure you do not get an USB 3.0 HD if your computer system cannot deal with that quantity of transfer, as you may pay extra for nothing.


In order to keep the data on your HD safe, you need some encryption on your portable Hard Drive. Make sure you pick a device that has something like a 192bit encryption or lower. For the 1TB Portable Hard Drive you will probably find with lower encryption keys.

Now you understand what to appear for in a portable Hard Drive to produce sure you devote your dollars wisely. In order to get a really fast 1TB Portable Hard Drive you will probably have to pay a little more, but it will be worth it. Especially when the more expensive ones are also more durable.